Vegan Festival

Vegan Festival is an annual event that provides education about a healthy lifestyle with a Plant Based Diet.
Complete with delicious and Healthy Culinary Vegans, Vegan Health Seminars & Discussions, Competitions and Challenges, and various interesting events.

7 Days Vegan Challenge

Going vegan is easy to try!
So challenge ourself to be vegan, join our '7 Days Vegan Challenge'

Vegan Academy

To provide vegan educations and expertise to enable individuals and groups, regardless of nationality, religion, race, political affiliation or social background and to be able to establish broader global vegan networks and navigate more vegan educational opportunities.

WVO Conference

Vegan Forum is a routine program held 2-3 times a year, followed by WVO members from all around the world (represented by WVO Chairs & Vice Chairs). The conference will discuss the latest issues related to the development of vegans in various countries and the world, and also to discuss WVO programs and its implementation.