World Vegan Organisation (WVO)

Vegan Movement Goes
Into Mainstream, Uniting Nations,
Races And Backgrounds Into A Family

74 years after Donald Watson coined the term “vegan” in the year 1944 when he co-founded the Vegan Society in England, Vegan leaders and activists from around the globe gathered in Taiwan and agreed to unite Vegan movements and activists from many different countries and create a single organization, later named the World Vegan Organisation (WVO). Together, they set out on their goal to create a greater impact while supporting each other's efforts in each delegate’s country. 

The WVO’s mission is to help support and inspire global vegan activists through vegan outreach programs and awareness projects worldwide. These programs include vegan conferences, festivals and special events, regular vegan meet-ups and get-togethers, compassionate education projects, and numerous other vegan awareness programs. 

The World Vegan Organisation’s aim is to bring together vegan activists from around the world from many diverse backgrounds, races, cultures, and communities to unite with the common goal of promoting veganism for the benefit of people, animals, and the planet, while at the same time promoting intercultural education, non-violence for all living beings, and inter-racial and community harmony.


News & Release

World Vegan Film Festival Asia

The first of its kind Asia Centric, Independent film festival named ‘The World Vegan Film Festival Asia’ will be happening at the 8th World Vegan Organisation Conference and Vegan Festival from 12-14th, May, 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and from 15-17th May, 2023 in Bali, Indonesia  Read more


News & Release

The 8th World Vegan Organisation Conference & Vegan Festival

The Indonesian Vegan Festival, the 8th Annual World Vegan Organisation’s International Conference and the first edition of World Vegan Film Festival Asia.  Read more


Ethical Vegan

Become vegan because of the ethical aspect (compassion, animal right, animal welfare, spiritual, ect).  ...more


Scientific Vegan

Become vegan because of the scientific aspects, including Nutrision Health, Environment, etc.   ...more


Plant-Based Vegan

Become vegan because of aspects of Diet, food for nutrition, beauty and lifestyle.  ...more


Vegan Conference

WVO Conference is an annual meeting of all WVO Chairs (Chairs of member countries) & Offcials, Executive Boards and WVO Ambassadors or Representatives. The Conference will be held alternately in mutually agreed member countries.


Vegan Academy

To provide vegan educations and expertise to enable individuals and groups, regardless of nationality, religion, race, political affiliation or social background and to be able to establish broader global vegan networks and navigate more vegan educational opportunities.


Vegan Festival

Vegan Festival is an event that provides education & entertainment about a healthy lifestyle with a plant-based diet.


WVO Vegan Sister City

We are very excited about this new initiative to bring veganism to the masses through restaurants, cafes and hotels. The WVO Vegan Sister City Program ...