What We Do

The WVO strives to provide every individual and community with: 

  • Access to vegan education on the benefits of vegan living for individuals, animals, and the planet through awareness programs, festivals, conferences, and events.  This includes providing local activists with resources and assistance to organize result-oriented vegan festivals and conferences in their own communities.

  • Sustainable and compassionate education-focused projects and support in order to equip, motivate and unite vegans to become more proactive global citizens on both a local and global levels.

  • Vegan education to communicate and understand more effectively and empathetically vegan values within cultural diversity.

  • Support member individuals and organizations to help create plant-based popularity through public lectures, news, articles, and the media to promote veganism, as well as vegan-friendly options, in various industries including the hospitality industry.

  • Assist communities, businesses, and individuals with educational tools and knowledge on how to easily incorporate veganism into their daily meals, menus, and cruelty-free products.

  • Support compassionate education programs and projects within local communities and schools; as well as assisting local activists to organize community-based education projects for youth about health, the environment, cultural diversity and our common ground, climate change, and conservation awareness programs. 

  • Support vegan entrepreneurs on a resource and organizational level in their efforts to spread the word about vegan living through plant-based entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Provide support for the local production of affordable, environmentally-friendly, plant-based food products as substitutes for animal-based protein and dairy.

  • Assist local filmmakers and the media in creating more local issue-based activism films and media reports. 

  • Provide volunteers and funds to sponsor emergency relief and humanitarian support efforts worldwide. 

  • Creative and sustainable vegan solutions for global problems through the exchange of ideas and brainstorming among organization members and delegates, and others interested in vegan-friendly, cruelty-free approaches to problems.

  • Help provide individuals an opportunity to achieve personal vegan goals and honor individual improvements in every aspect of their vegan journey and life.

  • And last but not least, to encourage the active engagement of the vegan movement both spontaneously, socially, intellectually, and physically.

In the World Vegan Organisation, we believe everyone is a potential vegan, and every vegan is directly or indirectly a vegan activist if not purely by the example they set in their daily life. At the WVO, we believe that if people can have more access to the right education, awareness, and information about veganism in terms of health, the plight of animals, and the positive impact a plant-based lifestyle can make on the planet, that we all potentially can create a more compassionate and environmentally friendly, vegan world together.