What We Do

The WVO strives to provide every individual and group with:

  • Vegan education to communicate and to understand effectively and empathetically in cultural diversity
  • Sustainable education to equip and motivate each vegan to become proactive global citizens from local to global
  • An opportunity to achieve personal vegan goals and honor individual improvement in every aspect of life
  • Moral strength and an appreciation of all living beings to bring forth healthy planet and growth evolving into marvelove social change
  • Popularity through public lectures, news, articles, and multi-media to promote vegan hospitality and possibility to the world
  • Volunteers and funds to sponsor emergency relief and humanitarian support efforts worldwide
  • The active engagement of the vegan movement, spontaneously, socially, intellectually, and physically
  • Creative vegan solutions for global problems

In the World Vegan Organization, we believe everybody is a potential vegan and deserves the best love of the Earth by contributing our best efforts to love our Earth as our mother.