Who We Are

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The World Vegan Organisation (WVO) is one of the world’s leading independent vegan organizations consisting of vegan activists and vegan leaders from many different countries. The WVO brings together vegan change-makers, pioneers, activists, and advocates within the vegan world from many different and diverse backgrounds, races, beliefs, and cultures into a single non-religious, non-political alignment to collaborate on ideas to bring about greater change through vegan outreach programs, initiatives, conferences, festivals, special events, relief, and compassionate education projects, among others. 

In addition to these core vegan awareness events and programs, the WVO also facilitates regular meet-ups globally among long-term vegans, new vegans, and those who may be interested in a vegan lifestyle in order to share and collaborate on ideas and to inspire and help create enthusiasm around the concept and benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

The WVO’s mission is to encourage health, peace, and sustainability in the world through the daily practice of a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle. To achieve our mission, the WVO strives to help local vegan activists and advocates guide individuals and communities toward a sustainable lifestyle for our planet and future generations, encourage vegan education in improving people’s health and nutrition, raise awareness about food safety and climate change and helps to cultivate wherever possible the benefits of harmony and diversity in society focusing on our common ground in order to promote sustainable practices and living for the planet through vegan principles.