The Indonesia International Vegan Carnaval 2023

Climate crisis, pollution, world food crisis, and energy crisis are some of the global issues currently being faced by humanity. These issues are interrelated and have a significant impact on human life and the environment.

One solution to address these issues is to adopt a healthy and sustainable plant-based lifestyle. A vegan lifestyle has various benefits, both for individual health and the environment and for the planet.

In addition, veganism also has a positive impact on the environment. Plant-based food production requires less natural resources, such as water, land, and energy. Veganism can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are one of the causes of climate change.

In response to the growing climate crisis and the urgent need for sustainable solutions, WVO Indonesia, in collaboration with IVS, VSI and supported by Pluit Villaga, we present the International Vegan Carnaval 2023. This event is dedicated to vocalizing the important role veganism plays in addressing the climate crisis and realizing a healthier and more sustainable planet. The Carnaval will be held on November 10-12, 2023 at Pluit Village, Jakarta. With a focus on education, socialization, and collaboration, the event aims to shed light on the huge impact veganism has on the environment, human health, and the planet.

Event Highlights:
- Vegan Food & Eco-Friendly Products Bazaar
- Seminar, Talk Show & Panel Discussion
- Kid's Competition 
- Vegan Parade
- SME Coaching Clinic
- Live Band Performance 
- Games & Doorprize
- Eco-friendly Enzyme Workshop
- Blood Donation

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