World Vegan Film Festival Asia

This event will celebrate original vegan films made across Asia and throughout the globe for Vegan Advocacy, and will also serve as a platform to create synergy between emerging filmmakers and established filmmakers to drive the Vegan Movement Forward more effectively and efficiently.


Asia is the largest continent in the globe and is a plethora of diversity in culture, customs and practice. This diversity, cultural differences, and the sensitivity that will arise therein are often unacknowledged in Vegan Advocacy, especially in Vegan Films.

The documentaries that expose animal agriculture and the exploitation of animal, the health films which advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, or the environmental films that link carbon emission and animal agriculture is often the ‘One size fits all’ West Centric approach. Even if someone creates Asia-centric vegan films, it fails to reach the mass audience due to a lack of distribution channels. With this Film Festival, we want to bridge the cultural and distribution gaps, so that more people get involved in Vegan Film Making and provide a chance for grassroots regional film-making.


1.     Bring and encourage diverse and local indie Vegan films.

2.     Celebrate existing regional filmmakers and films, helping them to reach larger audience.

3.     Provide a platform for emerging filmmakers and a chance to showcase their movies.

4.     Create synergy between the Beginners and Expert filmmakers.

5.     Link Filmmakers and Distributors.

6.     Encourage Vegan filmmaking relevant to the region and culture.


We value story-telling more than the format or the quality. If you’re a good story-teller, we encourage you to submit your documentary, feature, or short film as long as they’re on the following subject matter:

·       Veganism 

·       Animal rights and animal welfare

·       Health benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

·       Environment and Conservation


NOTE: All footage/images and music used must be original or copyright free. The movie’s concept of the movie must be original and it should present the regional problems relating to the above subject matter.



Please submit your movie before 1st February, 2023 in either of the two ways:

1.     Through FilmFreeway ( https://filmfreeway.com/WorldVeganFilmFestivalAsia )

2.     Or send a google drive or dropbox link to shova@vegvoyages.com


Jakarta, Indonesia    : 12-14th, May, 2023

Bali, Indonesia           : 15-16th, May, 2023

Submission Deadline : 1st February, 2023