The International Indonesia Vegan Festival 2022

After 2 years of vacuum due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Vegan Festival Indonesia is again being held offline. The grand event that the vegan community in Indonesia and the region has been waiting for. The series of Festival activities that combine elements of education, talk shows, food bazaars, cooking demonstrations, competitions, and awarding events, to entertainment, are packaged in an attractive manner.

There are over 20 International and Local Speakers who will share the latest vegan knowledge and developments. No less interesting, there will be several well-known Public Figures, from artists, bands to educators.

This festival will last for 10 days, will be the first Vegan Festival with the longest duration and the most rundown of activities. It is estimated that more than 20,000 visitors will attend this Vegan Festival.

Bringing the Topic: Eat Green, Eat Clean, This International Indonesian Vegan Festival would like to convey a message to the general public that the Climate Crisis is very close and present in our midst. We must do something to prevent and reduce the impact of the Climate Crisis. A small action but with a broad meaning, can be done by everyone, through a change in diet. By increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables and reducing meat, we can save the planet from the Climate Crisis and bring about changes for the better for human life and the world.

Come join us, at the 2022 Vegan Festival.