Free 'Chinese Nutrition and Vegetables Class' - Online

The Mystery of Vegetable Food Series 1
Coronavirus is Coming, A New Era is Coming!

How to eat vegetables properly and get enough nutrients to maintain a healthy body?
What is the difference between vegetable (plant-based) food and meat food ?
If you want to know more, welcome everyone to learn online together.

Date: 09/12/2020
Time: 8pm ~ 9pm (Malaysia), Admission at 7.45pm
Media/Instrument : via Zoom
Registration Fee  : Free FOC
Speakers : Dr. Zeng Shunxiang of Nutrition
                  Dr. Susianto
Language: Mandarin

To register please click the link below

http://wapp.my/60127279021/ I want to sign up for "The Mystery of Vegetable Food" Series 1

World Vegetable Food Organization Malaysia
World Vegan Organisation Malaysia